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2022 - 2023 SCHS All-Sports Booster Club Athletic Scholarship

The mission of the SCHS All-Sports Booster Club is to provide financial, volunteer, and fan support for the full range of Summer Creek High School sports programs. We recognize the value of athletics and promote academic success through athletic development. To support and encourage Summer Creek students beyond high school, the Booster Club has established the Summer Creek High School All-Sports Booster Club Scholarship. Each year the Booster Club will accept applications from senior varsity athletes whose families are members in good standing of the Booster Club. Scholarships will be awarded based on outstanding moral character and work ethic displayed during their years at SCHS in athletics and academics.

Selected students will receive a scholarship based on application criteria which includes athletics, academics, leadership and a short, written essay. All scholarships will be paid directly to the college the athlete will be attending. For the academic year 2022-23, a minimum of 10 scholarships will be awarded, up to $1,000 each.


Who is eligible to apply:

Graduating senior student-athletes attending Summer Creek High School with plans of pursuing higher education at an accredited institution are eligible to apply.



  • Applicants must have at least a 3.0 GPA and must have participated in at least one (1) varsity sport at SHCS during their senior year.
  • Completed a minimum of two (2) semesters at Summer Creek High School. 
  • Parent or guardian must be a member of the SCHS All-Sports Booster Club by February 21, 2023. Membership will be verified. Click here to join the SCHS All-Sports Booster Club


Important Dates:

  • January 6, 2023: Application opens for students
  • March 6, 2023: Application closes for students

Scholarship application link


Steps to Apply for the SCHS All Sports Booster Club Scholarship


1.   Create an account on the Humble ISD Foundation website using your Humble ISD student email address.

[More information can be found on the Foundation’s website:

2.   Students must complete both the general Humble ISD Foundation application and the SCHSASBC application in order to be considered for this award.

3.   Note that the Humble ISD Foundation administers a number of other scholarships that you may wish to apply for.

4.   Both applications must be submitted by 11:59 PM on Monday, March 6, 2023.


Items Needed to Complete the Application Process

  1. School email address
  2. Personal email address
  3. Test scores (ACT, SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, or a statement indicating that you chose to opt out of testing)
  4. List of colleges that you’ve applied to & their tuition costs
  5. Contact information for a teacher, coach, administrator, or counselor to complete a student character evaluation (i.e. reference)


Congratulations to our 2021-22
$1,000 Scholarship Recipients!
Aaron Glen Davis II – Track & Field
Abigail Smythe – Tennis
Adam Troy – Baseball
Aiden Currie – Soccer
Alexander White – Cross Country/Track & Field
Andrew Jacob Alexander – Football/Track & Field
Andrew Logan – Football/Wrestling
Arturo Angel DeLeon, Jr. – Swim & Dive
Brady Kellogg Patton – Tennis
Bryan Keith DeShazier-Miles – Baseball
Carissa Salazar – Cheer
Christopher Lorenzo MacAllister – Cross Country/Track & Field
Emily Obregon – Soccer
Emma Poston – Soccer/Swim & Dive
Hannah Cleveland – Volleyball/Golf
Harrison Currier – Swim & Dive
Isabella Atwood – Soccer/Cross Country
Jozie Dhayer – Volleyball
Kendall Elizabeth McComas – Volleyball/Tennis
Kohl William Marzetta – Wrestling
Luis Octavio Mendoza – Swim & Dive
Lynton Wayne Edwards, Jr. – Football/Track & Field
Madelyn Grace Troy – Volleyball
Reese Darrah – Golf
Ty Triche – Swim & Dive
Zachary Shain Carrizal – Football/Baseball

2020-21 Scholarship Recipients:
Adam Nguyen – Tennis
Adora Nwokeji – Basketball
Andrew Hatton – Baseball
Andrew Phillips – Track & Field
Avery Smith – Volleyball & Track & Field
BreAnna McDonald – Volleyball
Christen Austin – Cheer
Derika Castillo – Softball
Jaden Brooks – Football
Jalan Rivers – Track & Field
Jaylyn Luna – Softball
Katilin Bowman – Swim & Dive
Koby- Sebasyen King – Football & Track & Field
Kyle Primeaux – Football & Baseball
Maraya Maldanodo - Soccer
Nya ‘Lynn Cherry – Soccer
Paola Colon – Soccer
Ryan Fallon – Baseball
Zoe Butts – Softball

Scholarship WINNERS 2020:

Diego Collazo, Tennis

Audrey Leyva, Swimming

Sean-Krystoff King, Football

Emily Spindle, Cross Country/Track

Isaak Quezada, Soccer

Evan Siegrist, Swimming

Raul Lejarza, Soccer

Isaac Martinez, Cross Country

Scholarship WINNERS 2019:

Jordan Borner, Football

Brittany Broering, Cheer

Teagan Brouwer, Basketball

Luis Civallero, Soccer

Noah Lemmens, Soccer

Avery Martinez, Cross Country

Landon Newcomb, Football

Jared Silva, Baseball

Cecilia Weatherford, Golf

Addison Young, Golf

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Scholarship WINNERS 2018:

Josiah Thomas, Boys Basketball

Deon Cormier, Football

Jude Domingue, Boys Track & Field

Bailey Perez, Boys Golf

Tyler Scataglia, Baseball

Craig Myron, Boys Soccer

Wyatt Fenwick, Boys Cross Country

Kandice Jackson, Volleyball

Congratulations to the scholarship winners of 2017!

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